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The concept behind Wolf and Guzzle was to serve a menu we would be proud of, full of foods that we wanted to eat. What we developed was a delicious selection of tasty food served tapas style giving flexibility, perfect for a snack or meal at any time of the day. Our fully vegetarian menu* is customisable; whether it’s a ‘box’ of crispy patatas bravas and fresh salsa or a ‘plate’ of delicious veggie chilli, spicy tomato rice, mediterranean vegetables and salsa, our customers have the freedom to design their own filling meal. Our unit is compact with a dynamic assembly for speedy set up and pack down. We pride ourselves on being environmentally responsible, with locally sourced ingredients and eco friendly packaging. We truly love and believe in what we do, and want you to be able to trust us to consistently provide excellent service and fair value. We are worry free with full gas, electrical and hygiene certification, and a trained and professional team dedicated to making your event run smoothly.

 *vegan and allergen free options also available